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Anderson Medical Group of Texas

At AMG, our physicians and advanced practice providers focus on adult medicine and have had special studies and training to prevent and treat adult diseases. We are dedicated to preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions that affect adults.

Our physicians and providers are equipped to deal with multiple problems that a patient may bring — no matter how common or rare or how simple or complex. We are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and conditions in which several different illnesses may strike simultaneously. We also bring to our patients an understanding of wellness, disease prevention, and the effective treatment of common problems of the human body.

Meet Our Qualified Staff

Dr. Howard Anderson


Dr. Howard Anderson Jr.

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Angela Barrett APRN, FNPBC

Nurse Practitioner

Angela Barrett APRN, FNPBC

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Jacqueline Marquez

Office Manager

Jacqueline Marquez

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AMG Impact


We invest in our employees, patients, and the community we serve.


Whenever possible, we use technology to improve patient care.


We want to inspire the future generation and encourage others to continue their interest and journey in healthcare.

AMG Values

Treat employees and patients with respect and dignity.

Be professional in all that we do.

Be accountable.

Act with integrity.

Empower and encourage each other to strive to meet and exceed our goals – professionally, personally, and spiritually.

We will be patient focused, treating them as if they were family members. We will keep patients informed and make them feel heard by using the AIDET framework.



Greet the patient by name. Make eye contact, smile, and acknowledge family or friends in the room.



Introduce yourself and explain your role in providing their care.



Give the patient an accurate time frame for the duration of their visit, including information such as when they can expect to see the physician or receive lab results. When this is not possible, let the patient know what time you will check in to update them on progress.



Explain each step of their visit, answer questions and let the patient know how to contact us.



Thank the patient. Express gratitude for choosing AMG and for their communication and cooperation. Thank family members and friends for being there to support the patient.

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Get educated on various medical conditions, including treatment options, medications, self-care, and much more….